Main responsibilities include monitoring and organizing inventory, materials, and supplies. Facilitating flow of material and inventory information between the warehouse and office staff. Manages stock items for resale/use. Fully utilizes scanning, barcoding, and inventory control programs.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Prints Receiving paperwork
2. Prints barcode labels for material before material arrive at the warehouse, and ensure all parts are accurately barcoded/labeled as they are received in the warehouse. 
3. Matches move ticket paperwork to what is on the delivery trucks each day before material leaves the warehouse
4. Verifying parts numbers to match materials being moved; double checking that the material moved is correctly being accounted for 
5. Identifies on move ticket disposition of damaged or returned items per instructions of supervisor. Processes all material returned from jobs within 48 hours of material being returned to the warehouse. 
6. Ensuring carpenters are using the correct material to build specific frames and casing (verifying material used is adequate to the number of frames built to avoid wastefulness)
7. Compares inventory records to physical count and works with Warehouse Supervisor and EVP of Operations to reconcile all inventory variances by the 10th of the month following the prior month count. 
8. Facilitate monthly inventory counts
9. Be proactive in improving inventory control systems to minimize costs
10. Ensures inventory paperwork mirrors physical movement of material in real-time. Maintain day to day list of all stock inventory in excel
11. Track root causes of variances and communicates them to supervisor. 
12. Identifying the materials and parts that are physically in the warehouse but are not in the system.
13. Monitors the time that parts are in inventory
14. Work with Sales, Estimating, and Purchasing to sell stock items
15. Make recommendations to write-off/sell obsolete stock
16. Maintain stock (Builders Trading Co., writeoff, sell to public)
17. Check stock to ensure items in stock are not ordered again and are used on jobs. 
18. Notifies supervisor of damaged or returned materials. 
19. Recommends what to do with returned materials (bring into stock, donate, return to vendor, etc)
20. Determine cause of damage to parts and what to do with them (i.e. return to vendor, writeoff, fix, sell)
21. Track reasons for returns and discuss with supervisor as they occur
22. Reviews Job Costing to ensure materials are accurately applied to jobs, researches discrepancies and reports them to the warehouse supervisor. 
23. Determine how damages, returns, mis-orders, etc. are to be applied to Job Costing
24. Work with Purchasing Department to make sure backorders are followed up on for updated delivery dates. 
25. Maintain an efficient, clean and safe work area. 
26. Work with shop/ warehouse to organize bin/ locations 
27. Organize stock material so it is easy to track and check for use on jobs
28. Work with warehouse employees to maintain organized staging areas for material that is house-packed or ready to be house-packed 
29. Report all job exceptions as they occur.
30. Doing physical stock checks
31. Following up on shop workers orders

Experience and Qualifications:
1. Able to work under stress and adjust to change
2. Must be analytical and detail-oriented
3. Must have strong critical thinking and interpersonal skills
4. Must have strong verbal and written communication skills
5. 2-3 years of experience with inventory control management 
6. Intermediate of Microsoft Office (Excel, Outlook, Word)
7. Knowledge database systems preferred 
8. Sage experience preferred
9. Product knowledge of doors, windows, and finish carpentry preferred 
10. Must be able to lift 50 lbs.
11. Good attendance and reliable
12. Able to climb stairs, sit for extended periods, type, and answer the phone
13. Must have the ability to effectively resolve problems and interact with diverse levels within the company
14. Must be tactful


Competitive Wages, Health Benefits Package, Dependent Care FSA, 401K, and Paid Time Off!