Field Superintendent


Position Overview:

Work with each builder’s Superintendent to ensure jobs are completed efficiently and with quality and maintain daily communication with the Project Manager on the progress of all work in the field.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 


1. Participates in pre-job meetings with sales and estimating to receive information and accept responsibility for project.
2. Reviews plans, contract scope of work, and job worksheets to become familiar with all details of the project.
3. Maintains communication with builders’ Superintendents regarding scheduling of work throughout the course of each project.
4. Performs a job-walk before installation to make sure that openings are ready (i.e. height and width), metal pans are there as required, and decks are ready. Verifies plans match what the Builder is building.
5. Notifies Multi-Family Team of frames, trim, and hardware dates.
6. Requests field rentals as needed.
7. Schedules builder punch lists.
8. Updates all scheduling and tracking reports as required.
9. Coordinates material delivery schedules with shop, and schedules field employees and subcontract labor.
10. Plans for timely contracting of equipment as necessary to maintain work schedules, control costs and maximize productivity.
11. Attends job site meetings for assigned projects.
12. Visits job sites for quality control purposes and to ensure that the project is running according to the customers’ schedule and internal job budgets.
13. Anticipates issues and problem solves on a continual basis.
14. Leads job review meetings.
15. Manages labor budgets to ensure jobs finish within budget.
16. Assists in delivering shortage materials to job sites if necessary.
17. Coordinates with shop to deliver field supplies.

1. Maintains staff by assisting in recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees while providing a safe, secure, and legal work environment.
2. Accomplishes staff results by assisting in:
a. Communicating job expectations. 
b. Planning, monitoring and appraising job results and delivering timely feedback.
c. Coaching, training, counseling, and disciplining employees.
d. Coordinating and enforcing systems, policies, procedures and productivity standards.
3. Ensures safety of all employees:
a. Provides a safe working environment.
b. Ensures new employees are trained on safety procedures.
c. Reports workplace injuries immediately to the Safety Coordinator.
d. Verifies employees are trained to use tools and equipment and forklifts before use.
e. Complies with Cal/OSHA and fire regulations.
f. Ensures safety meetings are conducted every 10 days.
4. Oversees ongoing training for apprentices.
5. Schedules temporary labor as needed.
6. Plans daily activities and makes on the spot decisions as necessary to maintain schedules and crews’ overall productivity.
7. Completes time card review:
a. Ensures accuracy of hours, job name, and phase number for each time record.
b. Approves time records for prior day by 9 AM.
8. Schedules all subcontractors.

Experience and Qualifications: 
1. Minimum of 3 years supervisory experience managing crews at the job sites
2. Technical understanding of builder materials and process – preferably doors and windows
3. Effective communication, people and project management skills

Performance Measurements: 
1. Customer satisfaction 
2. Quality standards as outlined by Taylor Trim and/or industry standards are met
3. Jobs coming in at budget or under
4. Minimal frequency of injuries/accidents on job sites
5. Low employee turnover