Executive Team

Maintaining Taylor Trim's proven values, while constantly adapting to an ever-changing economy.


Sarah Garcia


A 13-year veteran of Taylor Trim, Sarah is one of its leading ladies.  Daughter of Tim & Marlene Taylor, she grew up in the business. She took her first formal role there in 2002 while simultaneously earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She later earned an MBA and worked in a couple of other businesses in both the private and public sector. On the heels of the “great recession” Sarah returned to help the family business as the Controller, then later was promoted to the Executive Vice President of Business Development & Finance.  

Sarah lives in Escondido, with her husband, two daughters, and their pet dog & cat.  Hobbies include hiking and camping. 

Fun Fact: Each year she takes a solo trip to the San Diego International Auto Show, so she can look at, and test drive cars!


Stacy Littrell


Stacy was recruited as an executive assistant in 2006.  She was also earning her Masters degree in business management.  Her knowledge & experience in accounting made her a tremendous asset to the team, and over time her involvement in executive duties became so frequent, she was appointed the role of Executive VP of Operations. 

In 2012, as the company adjusted to a recovering economy, Stacy was responsible for re-constructing the system in which TTSI thrives on today.  Her knowledge of the company, and it's inner workings are paralleled only by it's founders.  

Stacy's favorite aspects of her role, are working with such a close team, and being able to support the team's success.  

Her hobbies outside of the office are reading, soccer, cross-stitching, camping, and Disneyland.

Fav Quote:                                                         "Do, or do not.  There is no try." - Yoda